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Wondering if this works for this article[1]


LOGIN: In order to login on the front-end of the site, go to the home page and scroll down to the right side. There is a login form there.

NEWSLETTER PAGE: After logging in , you will be directed to the /newsletters page, here you can edit articles individually. [2]

  • In order to make new newsletters, scroll to the bottom of /newsletters page, select new and write the article and select save once completed. It will automatically add to that list of articles currently seen.
  • In order to add a new .pdf to the newsletter page AFTER uploading the .pdf (instructions below), log in to the backend. At the top of your screen locate the Content tab à Categories à Newsletters. Here you can Add new .pdf newsletters

UPLOADING .PDFS:[3] Because of the change to using .pdf’s instead of articles, uploading new .pdf’s will be a bit more cumbersome than just adding a new newsletter article, here are the steps.

You will have to login to the backend of the site in order to upload new .pdfs. Sarah, has backend[4] access for updates for uploading .pdfs and adding .pdf newletters.

  • Go to http://www.fullertonlaw.com/administrator/ and login.
  • At the top of your screen locate the Content tab à Media à the folder named “pdf”
    • Here you will be able to upload your .pdf
    • Note: the file name must only contain alphanumeric characters and no spaces, use these characters instead of spaces. For Example of what not to name a file:   [Insert file here]  instead change file name to [insert-file-here] or [insert_file_here]
    • Once you upload a file, you may check to make sure the file is working successfully by trying the link. When uploading to the pdf folder under the media tab, the link for files will be: http://www.fullertonlaw.com/images/pdf/your-file-here use this full .url only to check to see if the upload is successful or to share in an email etc. In order to link a file on an article however, use this abbreviated .url: images/pdf/your-file-here

EDITING ARTICLES: After logging into the front end, Go to Construction Law Manual and at the top of the page, there is an edit button, from here you can edit the articles.


  • Log into the backend via  http://www.fullertonlaw.com/administrator/
  • At the top of your screen locate the Components tab à !Cagenda à Events
  • Select [5]an event and from here you can adjust the information needed to publish, once saved it automatically updates on the front end.
  • In order to make a new one: The easiest way would be to select an event already created and at the top of that page there is a “Save as Copy” button, select that, the event will make a copy of itself and you can just edit the information from there without having to start from the beginning.

I looked i[6]nto the footer issue. It’s not a lot of information, it seems a lot of people are doing it the way it’s currently being done on your site. I asked Angela and apparently it was a plugin that was used a while ago on your older site that became unsupported by the company and stopped working. Currently, she uses anchors to make the footnotes which for simple updates, won’t be too much of a problem.

The one solution I found was a plugin that seems to be able to automatically create footnotes, its being offered for $20 from the company who sells it. It could be purchased and tried, but if support for it stops, we might have to go back to using anchors to create footnotes.


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